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The Perfect Pairing - Pizza & Wine. Check Out We Love Pizza's Wine Collection This National Drink Wine Day.

As National Drink Wine Day approaches on February 18th, there's no better time to explore the combo of wine and pizza. At We Love Pizza, we're thrilled to present our curated wine collection, perfectly complementing your favorite slices with elegance and flair.

Travel to Portugal with our exquisite selection of Portuguese wines. Here are some great suggestions to elevate your pizza experience at WLP:

•           Fonte do Nico, Setubal (Red) - £18.95: A deep ruby-red wine exuding the aroma of wild red berries. Soft and fruity on the palate with a smooth finish, it's a perfect match for any pizza craving.

•           Lua Nova, Lisbon (Red) - £21.95: Intensely aromatic with ripe black and red fruits, this wine boasts fine tannins and a long-lasting smooth finish, accentuating the flavours of your favourite slice.

•           Wisdom Tree, Dao (Red) - £24.95: A delicious blend of indigenous Portuguese grapes, offering soft plum flavours with a twist of spiciness on the finish. A delightful companion to any pizza feast.

•           VIP Collection-Behind Closed Doors, Lisbon (Red) - £27.95: A luxurious blend of Portugal's finest grapes, delivering dark ripe fruits, oak spice, and a luxurious persistence. It's bold, powerful, and pairs impeccably with cheesy pizzas.

•           Fonte do Nico, Setubal (White) - £18.95: Light, fresh, and zesty, this white wine boasts ripe citrus fruits and a lingering aftertaste, refreshing the palate with every sip.

•           Lua Nova, Vinho Verde (White) - £21.95: Fresh, zesty, and zippy, this wine offers notes of white flowers and tropical fruits, enhancing the vibrant flavours of your favourite pizzas.

•           Planalto Casa Ferreirinha Reserve, Douro (White) - £24.95: With an aroma of good complexity and floral notes, this wine reveals a lively acidity and elegant finish, accentuating the nuanced flavours of your pizza selection.

•           VIP Collection-Pegoes Select Harvest, Lisbon (White) - £27.95: A creamy delight aged in oak, boasting stone fruit and vanilla flavours, making it a perfect alternative to white Burgundy.

National Drink Wine Day not only celebrates the joy of indulging in wine but also highlights its potential health benefits. Studies indicate that moderate wine consumption can lead to lower rates of coronary heart disease, along with improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In fact, wine stands out as one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages available.


Whether you're enjoying a classic Margherita or a spicy Diavola, our wines promise to elevate every bite. Join us at We Love Pizza and toast to the joy of great food and excellent company. Cheers to unforgettable pairings and memorable moments!


*More wine options await on our menu.


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