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We're Back! Dine-In Delight at We Love Pizza

Welcome back to a slice of heaven!

It's been a rollercoaster ride, hasn't it? From a time when we had to temporarily close our doors to the moments when we dared to dream of reopening... and finally, that day is here! We're absolutely thrilled to announce that We Love Pizza is flinging open its doors once more on the 8th of November! It's time to return to your favourite spot for pizza bliss in Leamington Spa!

Address: 9 Regent Pl, Leamington Spa CV31 1EH

For those of you who've been craving our delicious, contemporary pizza cuisine, your wait is over! We've truly missed seeing your faces, and now we're ready to serve you some piping hot slices of happiness.

You may remember that COVID-19 threw a curveball at us, and we temporarily closed our dine-in restaurant to ensure everyone's safety. It was a challenging time, but thanks to your unwavering support and our incredible team, we've weathered the storm and come back stronger than ever.

At We Love Pizza, we've always believed in crafting pizza that's more than just fast food—it's an experience! Our pizzas are a culinary masterpiece, with a blend of flavours, top-quality ingredients, and a whole lot of love.

What's on the menu, you ask? Our contemporary pizza cuisine offers a delightful range of options to tickle your taste buds. Whether you're a meat lover, a veggie enthusiast, or you prefer the vegan way, we've got something just for you. From classic Margheritas to indulgent cheesy feasts, and vegan delights that are out of this world, there's something for every palate. You can count on us for that unbeatable taste you've grown to love.

Our staff are excited to get back into action!

We've missed the laughter, the joy, and the shared moments that happen within these walls. Our restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it's a place to make memories. We can't wait to see your familiar faces, hear your stories, and create more pizza-perfect memories together.

So, save the date: November 8th! Join us for a slice of the good life. Whether it's a special occasion, a casual get-together, or simply a craving for pizza, we're here to welcome you with open arms and full plates.

Thank you for your patience, your support, and for being part of the We Love Pizza family. It's time to reunite over mouthwatering pizza and create new chapters in our story.

We can't wait to see you!

Note: Feel free to follow us on social media as well to dive deeper into our world of deliciousness. Discover what sets us apart, explore our one-of-a-kind menu, get a glimpse of our inspirations, and hear what our amazing customers have to say about us. We're not just about pizza; we're about passion, creativity, and bringing joy to your taste buds. Get ready to fall in love with pizza all over again.

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